gosam is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

GoSam 2.0.4 - release notes

  • Bugfix in Effective Higgs Couplings model files (smdiagehc, smehc) in ggHH coupling (version 2.0.4-6d9f1cba)

  • Bugfix in loop-induced prefactor

  • Bugfix in Yukawa renormalization

  • Improvements for compatibility with Mac OS X

GoSam 2.0.3 - release notes

  • Support systems with old autotools (<2.67).

  • Bugfix to allow for massive initial states

  • Bugfix for dirac gluinos in UFO-models

  • Several other small bugfixes and improvements

GoSam 2.0.2 - release notes

  • New default value: zero=mU,mD,mS,mC,mB,me,mmu

  • Improvements and bugfixes for loop-induced and BSM processes

  • BLHA2: Subprocess specific settings in the GoSam input card. See the GoSam-2.0 manual for details.

  • Several other small bugfixes and improvements