gosam is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

This webpage contains the package for calculating the next-to-leading order QCD corrections to diphoton + jet.

The package is based on

"Photon Isolation effects at NLO in gamma gamma + jet final states in hadronic collisions"
  T.Gehrmann, N.Greiner, G.Heinrich, arxiv:1303.0824

  • based on GoSam + MadDipole + MadGraph/MadEvent
  • cone isolation and Frixione isolation are implemented
  • output format: histograms (txt file)


  23 April 2014 update to version 1.0.1
        bugfix in fragmentation contribution

  17 June 2013 update to version 1.0.0
        changes in histogramming routines

  18 March 2013 update to version 0.9.3
        bug fixes for Mac, new virtual code
  14 March 2013 release of public version 0.9.2



For information on how to install  and run the package see the README file that is contained in the package.